Thursday, January 20, 2011


We have these really, really cool waterproof notepads called AquaNotes.  (see them here)  Here's a cute little drawing I found in the shower today!

Aqua Doodle
by Gracie


  1. What an invention! I wish I could draw like that on land! : )

  2. Please tell your kids I love their art! How cool :) Could you share how you are able to set up this blog in such a unique way? I'd love to do something similar with my son's drawings- I photograph them but love the idea of having a site to save them.

  3. Hi kris,

    Thanks for your feedback! Not sure if there's a specific blogging question you have... We use "Blogger," and I've found it to be pretty user-friendly. I just scan the kids' artwork and then upload it into a post. I'm sure Blogger has some help sections and tutorials if needed.

    (The tough part for me is keeping up with the kids! They draw like crazy, and I have a hard time getting my favorites scanned as often as I'd like)


  4. wow, a great surprise!

    Beautiful character,
    good job, Gracie!

  5. how cool is this? i wish i could draw in the shower!!
    great character gracie!!