Thursday, August 28, 2014

8 Year Celebration!

Every few years we play a game here, and I'd love for you to join in!
It's a celebration of childhood imagination.  It's a chance to tap into that innocent wonder again... a chance to have your own creativity re-energized.

August marked the 8th year anniversary of this blog, Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty, where I've shared the things my kids make and draw that amaze me, humor me, inspire me.  I've also loved watching the kids' abilities grow and blossom over the course of the 700 pictures found here.  We invite you to celebrate this blog milestone with us by swimming through the Blog Archive and enjoying all the kid creativity on display.  Then, play along: Find a favorite drawing and "Lemon Toot" it (re-illustrate)!  Post your image on Twitter with the hashtag #LemonTooted  or email it to me at  zenzart @ hotmail dot com
I'll keep my eyes open for new contributions and add them to this post for the next month or so.  Be inspired, Have fun!!!

10/3/06 -- by Isaac at age 8:

by Ivan Mendoza:

8/18/07 -- by Gracie at age 7:

by Nikkie Stinchcombe:

3/31/08 -- by Gracie at age 7:

by Robb Mommaerts:

10/18/08 -- by Gracie at age 8:

by David Mottram:

7/9/10 -- by Isaac

by Dad:

8/14/10 -- by Lily at age 7

by Teressa Ong:

1/18/11 -- by Gracie at age 10:

by Dad:

1/19/11 -- by Elijah at age 5:

by Dad:

2/24/11 -- by Elijah at age 5:

by Robb Mommaerts:

9/2/11 -- Elijah at age 5:

by Nina Victor Crittenden:

9/4/11 -- by Gracie at age 11:

#1 by Brooke Boynton Hughes:

#2 by Alyssa Tallent:

1/23/12 -- by Elijah at age 6:

by Julie Phillipps:

8/16/13 -- by Elijah at age 7:

by Jonathan Reincke:

8/17/13 -- by Evangeline at age 4:

by David Miles:

8/22/13 -- by Elijah at age 7:

by Stacy LeFevre:

8/26/13: by Gracie at age 13:

by Darren Rawlings:

8/27/13 -- by Elijah:

#1 by Alina Chau:

#2 by Scott Spinks:

8/27/13 -- by Gracie:

by Kim Hui:

10/23/13 -- by Evangeline at age 4:

by Dad:

10/26/13 -- by Elijah at age 7:

 by Elise N Black:

10/28/13 -- by Lily at age 10:

#1 by Mike R. Baker:

#2 by Adhitya Zulkarnaen:

6/23/14 -- by Elijah at age 8:

by Doug Jones:

Dive into the Archive and play along!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


by Gracie

Gracie made this Elsa doll for baby sister Maggie :)